Fitness sessions for people living with and beyond cancer

14th August 2019

You may have seen the research that physical activity can help to improve quality of life, reduce cancer reoccurrence or progression, and improve prognosis. However hitting the gym when you’ve been, or are going through treatment can be very daunting. Many people feel they will be judged because of how quickly they get tired or because their fitness levels are much lower than they used to be.

In response to this RUCST developed a weekly fitness session for those living with or beyond cancer. The sessions which are delivered at New York Stadium are circuit based and allow everyone to work at their own pace. Participants can take as much rest as they need to, they can even do the session seated if they wish. Everyone in the session has been through a similar experience and can help and support each other.

RUCST have had a number of participants who have built their fitness and confidence and now attend a variety of sessions.

To get involved in the next free course starting Monday 30th September book your place by emailing or call Emma 01709 827767