Tell RMBC how you would like to give your views

20th June 2019

Rotherham people have an opportunity to have their say on how they can be involved in shaping the future development of the borough.

Whenever Rotherham Council is considering a planning application, or producing policies for the borough area, it is required to consult and engage with people and organisations to gain their views.

How the Council does this is set out in the Statement of Community Involvement. The Statement helps ensure that there is active, meaningful and continued involvement of local communities and stakeholders throughout the process.

The Statement of Community Involvement needs to be updated every five years, and it is now time to review the Statement. The Council is therefore seeking people’s views on how it should continue to engage with people and organisations.

Councillor Denise Lelliott, Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy, said: “Since the last time we reviewed how we consult with people and organisations, we have found better ways to communicate and seek feedback, and there have been advances in technology which have changed the way people want to interact with us.

“We therefore need to continually review how we engage to ensure that anyone who wants to have their say can be involved – getting people’s preferences on how they would like to do that is key.”

The public consultation closes at 5pm on 8 July 2019. You can take part in the consultation at:

Have your say on the consultation