The NHS need your views on prescription changes

27th September 2018

Stand out Media are currently involved with the NHS rolling out a new initiative relating to prescriptions, and changes that are taking place for over the counter medicines. More details are available on the website below, but the general steer is that Drs will no longer be able to prescribe any medication that you can buy yourselves from a pharmacy, saving the NHS £569million a year, and enabling many more services to expand and take place instead. A classic example being the cost of paracetamol by prescription versus 20p in a supermarket.

How can you help?

To help plan for these prescription changes they need to know more about how you use medications so that they can review how they spend your money in the future, ensuring everyone can get the prescription medicines they needed, when needed.

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete and your input is greatly appreciated.

Take the survey here.