The Wharfedale Foundation

19th February 2020

The Foundation funds projects in the Yorkshire and Humber Region that address the divisions in society by developing greater understanding of social justice and diversity. It has Christian roots, but will fund both non-faith and Christian organisations.

Main Funding Programme – grants up to £5,000 (but mostly £2,000-£3,000) for organisations with an income of up to £250,000.

Small Grants Programme – grants up to £500 for smaller organisations with an income of less than £50,000.

Grants are available for projects that do the following:

  • Creating greater inclusivity by breaking down barriers of fear based on for example religious, cultural, ethnic or social difference or financial hardship,
  • Integrating marginalised groups into mainstream society and promoting a welcoming culture,
  • Aiding the integration of marginalised groups through environmental projects,
  • Developing greater understanding of these issues through carrying out research.

Funding is not available for capital projects, core costs, or salaries where there is no indication of how the post will be sustainable in the future.

Deadline is 20th March 2020. Full details here.

Source: SYFAB