Transforming Heritage

17th December 2018

Architectural Heritage Fund offer two types of project seed-funding.  Our grants are for project development costs only and not for on-site capital works.


The primary purpose of our PROJECT VIABILITY GRANTS is to enable you to work out whether a proposed use for a building will be economically viable. The grant will contribute towards the cost of exploring different options for reuse, or testing a single option. If relevant to your project, it should give you sufficient information to calculate the likely conservation deficit (the gap between the project cost and the end value of the building, if indeed one exists).


To qualify for a PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GRANT you must be able to show that your project proposal is broadly viable. To demonstrate viability, we would usually expect you to submit a viability appraisal, a feasibility report or similar. In assessing your application we will consider how likely it is that the project will be able to attract the capital funding required and whether there is sufficient evidence of demand for the proposed use(s) of the building. At this stage we will also need to be convinced that your proposals will not harm the historic character of the building. We will need to see evidence that you have sought conservation advice from the relevant authority and that there is no reason in principle why planning permission and listed building consent would not be granted, if appropriate.

The deadline for applications for both Project Viability Grants and Project Development Grants of up to £7,500 is 5pm on the last day of each calendar month.
We aim to give you a decision within 8 weeks.

Project Development Grant applications for more than £7,500 go to our Trustee Grants Panel meetings for decision, and have specific deadlines.  The next deadline is 11/02/19

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Source: FCS Associates