Urban Tree Challenge Fund

28th May 2019

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund is a new Government programme that aims to support the planting of at least 20,000 large trees and 110,000 small trees in and around towns and cities in England.

This is a two-year fund. It is currently open for block bids with a minimum value of £500,000. 50% match funding in money or labour is needed. “Block bids allow organisations to apply for funding for multiple projects under one application, which can be geographically dispersed across England or focused in a local area.”

Smaller, individual applications with a minimum value of £1,150 will be open in year two but groups can send in an expression of interest now. “Individual applications are aimed at smaller organisations or community groups who are looking to deliver much smaller scale projects.”

Who can apply?

“Anyone is able to apply for the Urban Tree Challenge Fund as long as you either have full management control over the land or signed consent from those with management control over the land for the duration of the Agreement. Agents are also able to apply on behalf of an organisation or landowner.

“There must be a dedicated project manager and where the project manager does not have full management control over the land in the application (for example, is a tenant, trustee, joint owner or representative of a group of adjoining owners), we will require written permission from all parties with management control over the land before an agreement can be issued.”


Please read the guidance notes and terms and conditions of funding. The guidance notes explain how to apply. You will need to submit an application form, annex and maps showing the location of the proposed planting in your application.


You can get help developing maps or completing the application form from the Forestry Commission email UTCF@forestrycommission.gov.uk