Veterans Outreach Connection – Project Launch

30th April 2019

After 8 months of planning, preparation and effort the Veterans Outreach Connection was officially launched by Rotherham MCVC. The new vehicle and trailer were set up at Rotherham Town Hall for people to view and the Mayor of Rotherham, Alan Buckley to officially confirm its availability for use by the Local Authorities, Military Charities and Military Associations.

The vehicle and trailer will visit communities, local residents, veterans and their families across South Yorkshire to ensure they are better informed with regards to information and service provision. Whilst this will ensure there is an improvement of co-ordination of support services it will also engage with those veterans who are lonely and isolated and require support for their mental health and wellbeing.

This is a South Yorkshire wide project and the project will span across all four local authorities, support for transporting the vehicle and trailer to locations will be provided by trained volunteers who are all veterans.

For full details visit the MCVC website here.