Volunteers needed for new pilot project

11th April 2019

MobPrESH is a new project that is being jointly run by Prepster and Yorkshire MESMAC, it’s aims are to get women from communities most affected by HIV to work as peer mobilisers to inform other women about PrEP and how to access it. Therefore we would especially welcome involvement from trans women, black and other women of colour, speakers of languages other than English, migrants and sex workers.

The project involves the Peer Mobilisers taking part in two days training scheduled to take place in June, then in the following months Peer Mobilisers will work together to develop interventions to promote PrEP in their communities.

As the interventions on this project are going to be led by Peer Mobilisers, MobPrESH is open to all self-identifying women. Cis and trans women are invited to join the project, as are non-binary (trans femme, AFAB) people.

For more information about the project please visit: https://prepster.info/mobpresh/ or contact Amelia on 07561422675 or a.thorp@mesmac.co.uk.