WaveLength technology donations to allievate loneliness

28th August 2018

WaveLength is a charity that partners with organisations that help isolated people living in poverty. It can provide free TVs and radios for individuals or technology for clients to use in communal spaces, or as part of specific projects.

Organisations that have benefited include hostels, women’s refuges, art groups and Storybook Dads, which helps prisoners record bedtime stories for their children.

Want to apply for your organisation?

“If you’re an organisation that would like to work with us, please give our Projects Manager Deirdre a call on 0800 0182137 (Freephone)/ 01708 621101. Or you can drop her an email via deirdre@wavelength.org.uk.

“We like to form ongoing relationships with organisations so that we can find ways to work together in the future, and to hear the impact of the technology we donate. It’s also great to see letters and photos, and visit centres that are using our TVs and radios.”

Want to refer an individual?

Wavelength helps individuals who are:

  • lonely and have limited ability to leave the house
  • living in poverty and unable to afford the equipment themselves

“Our beneficiaries live all over the UK and are very diverse. Old age, disability, or chronic physical or mental illness often contribute to the loneliness that we see.”

Guidance notes and an individual application form are available. To qualify for WaveLength’s help, beneficiaries must be referred by a third party, known as a referrer. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, as a beneficiary or a referrer, telephone 0800 018 2137 or email info@wavelength.org.uk