Wilko Helping Hands Community Grants

3rd June 2019

Wilkinson stores can offer financial support to organisations through their Helping Hands community budget.

Community grants or donations are available to organisations whose beneficiaries live or work in the direct locality of the Wilkinson store.

Generally the support will not be large, so consider whether donated goods would help you. The types of support groups have previously received include a small raffle prize or a pot of paint.

Because it is up to local stores to decide, some may give only to registered charities however the website says local charities and community groups can be supported.

Application Process

Each individual store is responsible for its own Helping Hands budget, and makes its own decisions about where and how that money should be spent through regular meetings of its store charity committee. Collect a Helping Hands Fund application form from your local store and return it completed to that store’s help desk. Apply by the last Saturday of the month. The store charity committee meet once a month to review requests, and will get in contact with successful applicants.

You can also download an application form from the Wilkinson website.

Deadline: None

More Information: Contact your local Wilkinson store.

Visit the Wilkinson’s charity page on their website: http://corporate.wilko.com/stories/supporting.php