Yoti to investigate charities’ digital identity needs

17th September 2018

The digital identity app wants to hear from charities where digital identification of services users is part of their day-to-day work.

Research is getting underway to better understand the digital identity needs of UK charities.
The research has been commissioned by digital identity app Yoti and will be carried out by Think Social Tech Founder Nissa Ramsey and Pauline Roche, Managing Director of RnR Organisation.

Issues covered will include how digital identification will help UK charities to more effectively collect information about those using their services.

Another is how charities’ data processes can ensure they can better understand the needs of service users and recall information about them.

In addition, helping service users to take ownership of their data and how it is shared with multiple services is also being looked at.

Charity views are needed

Ramsey and Roche are keen to hear from charity workers and charities, who need to legally identify people through their work, via this survey.

If you work for a charity, please do complete the survey and share your opinions to inform Yoti’s work. Complete the survey here.

They are particularly interested to understand how you could make use of an offline identity solution to verify who people are, check their eligibility or avoid having to ask them to repeat their background story.

Earlier this year Yoti conducted research to better understand the digital identity needs of charities working in developing countries. This explored how frontline workers could benefit from a digital identity platform for work in Africa and South East Asia.

Issues covered included using biometric technology for identity verification, preventing fraud and identifying infants when treating their health needs.