You can now submit your 2018 charity annual return online

23rd August 2018

You must send an annual return (or update your details) every year if your charity is registered in England or Wales.

Last year the Charity Commission consulted with the charity sector about the annual return for 2018. Based on the outcome of this consultation they have introduced a tailored annual return for 2018.

Click here to send your 2018 annual return online now.

If you are unsure of what to include on your annual return click here for guidance.

The 2018 annual return will include new questions which you can view before you log in to send your annual return. Click here for more information and to view questions.

The Charity Commission realise that for some charities the new questions will create additional work. Certain questions will be optional this year to give you time to put the systems in place to collect the information easily, requiring less effort in future.