RPIF member peer support and resources needed

Rotherham Pay it Forward (RPIF) is a brokerage service to help organisations support one and other through acts of giving and peer support.

Here is a list of what groups currently need. To express your interest in offering support please follow the applicable links below:

NB: as a brokerage service, all expressions of interest are received by the Rotherham Pay it Forward team who will contact organisations for you. Please ensure your expression of interest is very clear to allow the most efficient brokerage possible.


Example Organisation                          Example: Free brochure printing needed 




Alzheimer’s Society                             Activities for our Activity Group Volunteers to provide office based telephone support                                                                    for people living with dementia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Families First                                         Need donations of new items e.g. books, toys, clothes, small                                                                                                            household items to support professionals who give to families in crisis situations.



Pioneer S E Ltd                                     Need a new fridge for food storage



Pioneer S E Ltd                                     Need support to write funding bids



Rotherham Carers Forum                     Need back of website assistance for their new website.                     



Rotherham Advocacy Partnerships     Need help with adding and upgrading their website