“Count me in !” Rotherham Volunteer Month 2017

1st June 2017 will mark the start of Volunteer Month in Rotherham, aptly named “Count me in ” after the last 3 successful Volunteer Month celebrations to promote volunteering in the borough as well as increasing the quality of opportunities on offer.

“Count me in ” is what we hope Rotherham residents will say when they hear of the plans in Rotherham during June for Volunteers Month. Rotherham Volunteer Centre, part of Voluntary Action Rotherham, will be joining a number of other Volunteer Centres across the country during June 2017 to celebrate Volunteers Month.  This will be the fourth time Rotherham has dedicated the whole month to the promotion of volunteering, which kicks off on the 1st June with National Volunteers Week.

This year with support from the Rotherham Partnership we have developed a programme of activity named “Count me in ” for the whole month of June, which will  include a volunteer walk through Rotherham Town centre and on to the Rotherham Minster, highlighting all the thousands of amazing people in Rotherham who give up their time as volunteers , free of charge, each month to help others and make Rotherham a better place to live, work and play. We are expecting around 200 people to walk with us and support our Volunteers. “The Big Walk” will build on our successful walk last year and give a real visual image of our unsung hero’s!

There are  lots of things happening so keep your eye on our events page to find out more, we do hope you will join us, everyone is welcome from Volunteers, organisations or supporters, it will be a great month to celebrate everything “Volunteering”

Speaking of the idea of Volunteers month Julie Adamson – Services Manager also said “ It is something we really want the people of Rotherham to get behind, Volunteering is a great way to build experience, confidence and to make friends and give something to the community, anyone wishing to volunteer should check out www.varotherham.org.uk to view any of the 200 plus opportunities there are in Rotherham, opportunities range from giving just two hours per month to more intensive opportunities, there is something for everyone. We are so pleased with the partnership effort taking place in Rotherham to ensure that we raise the profile of the work of Volunteers and the roles available”

There are a number of events happening throughout the month to encourage support from Volunteers, the Public and Private Sector and the VCS…so what are you waiting for? Will you say #countmein?

#countmein Rotherham Volunteer Month 2017


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