Winners 2010



John Wayne has a wide and varied commitment to volunteering, particularly in targeted community and youth work projects. Almost all of his spare time in the past three years has been taken up with a variety of roles, including chair of Wentworth South Young People’s Area Assembly, vice chair of the local Neighbourhood Pride Team and helping raise over £100,000 for the Valley Youth Work Project.

A full-time student, John Wayne now volunteers at Dalton and Herringthorpe Youth Centres, specialising in dealing with the practical difficulties of youth training education and employment as well as tackling prejudices towards age and race. John Wayne is considered as a shining example of all that is good in young people.



Diana volunteers for a number of different projects but perhaps the closest to her heart is Carers 4 Carers – a support group for those caring for loved ones with mental health problems. Since co-founding Carers 4 Carers in 1999, Diana has been instrumental in winning funding to provide a range of respite activities for members, who often lead demanding yet isolated lives.

Her compassion for the role of the carer stems from being a carer herself for many years. Diana also finds time to support other groups including Carers Forum, the Seahorse Group, the Phoenix Group and sits on the boards of RDaSH (Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber Mental Health NHS) and LINkrotherham.



Provides long term support for people with Aphasia, a communication disability caused by brain damage following a stroke. Established 12 months ago by specialists at Rotherham’s Speech and Language Department, the programme relies on specially trained volunteers for its reach and success – to date, 25 individuals have been trained. They are paired with at least one patient and undertake weekly at-home visits for sessions of total communication therapy involving non-verbal methods such as gesture, pictures, symbols and facial expression.

Communication Partners is achieving real success in improving the communication abilities of stroke victims as well as supporting their families and carers in adopting the principles of total communication.