I Want to Volunteer

There are two ways to apply to volunteer:

– Either phone us and have a telephone appointment   OR

– Apply direct, online, the choice is yours.

Speak to one of our advisors who will be able to explain what it is all about.  *Due to Covid 19, we are currently offering a telephone appointment service.   We hope to resume our face to face appointments in the future.

There are currently around 60 live volunteer roles to choose from in the Rotherham area at the moment!  Click the blue button below to see our current menu.

You can phone us on Tel: 07716  919416 to find out more information.   All appointments are confidential and there is no obligation to start volunteering.

If you decide to apply for a volunteer role, we will broker you (usually the same day) which means passing on your contact details and request that the organisation gets in touch with you to discuss more and how to apply.  They might ask you to complete an application form, or may invite you in for an informal interview.   Some roles require a DBS check – please see role advert for details.


Keen to get started? Click below and start your search!

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*We ask  organisations  to contact you as soon as possible.  If you haven’t heard back within 14 days, please contact us and we can chase up the progress of your application Tel: 07716  919416.

*Volunteering should not affect your benefits, but we advise you to speak to your work coach as every claimant agreement is different.  


Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) 

Are you a local firm looking for a project for your staff?   We can help!   We have a menu of local projects that need some help and this menu is refreshed twice per year.    Project areas can include:

  • Redecoration
  • Gardening/ Environmental
  • Fundraising
  • Maintenance
  • Pro-bono work

ESV is a win -win for your company and the community.    As a company, you will be fulfilling your corporate social responsibility.  Your employees will have the chance to volunteer and do something different, gain new skills and experience and ESV projects are a great team builder and confidence builder.   The charity that you help will really appreciate your time and the completed project and this will save them eating into their often stretched budgets for essential maintenance work.    Don’t forget to take the before and after photo if you’re doing a physical project!   ESV enables you to build long term relationships with local groups and charities.  Whether you’re engaging in ESV for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, we can help!   Contact Kerry McGrath today for our latest menu – 07716 919416.  E-mail: kerry.mcgrath@varotherham.org.uk


Looking for a charity of the year?    

We can help with this too!   Many of our smaller groups and charities get overlooked, but £200 or £1,000 can make all the difference and might even mean them staying open instead of having to close.   Speak to us today and we can help to suggest some groups that you might want to support.  Telephone Kerry McGrath on 07716  919416.  E-mail: kerry.mcgrath@varotherham.org.uk .