Be Cancer SAFE

About Be Cancer SAFE

More people in South Yorkshire are diagnosed with cancer than the England average.  Our most deprived patients are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at a late stage and die of cancer.  They are more likely to have the diagnosis made during an emergency admission and less likely to attend for screening.  We want to change this but we need your help – join our social movement and through one small action – a conversation with a neighbour, passing a leaflet to a colleague, sharing a Facebook post – help save lives.

Be Cancer SAFE is a community approach to improving cancer survival.  We have created a large scale network of Cancer Champions who help to break down barriers and normalise conversations about cancer.  By making it okay to talk about cancer we hope more people in our area will take part in routine screening or go to their GP with concerns.   Early diagnosis is our best chance as this is when treatment is most effective.

The Be Cancer SAFE movement was initially coordinated and funded by South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire Cancer Alliance, part of Health and Care Working Together in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (a developing Accountable Care System) and delivered in partnership with voluntary sector and health organisations as follows.

  • Voluntary Action Rotherham :Barnsley and Rotherham
  • RDaSH: Doncaster
  • Sheffield City Council: Sheffield
  • Aurora Well Being Centre: Bassetlaw
  • Derbyshire Voluntary Action: North Derbyshire

An external academic evaluation was commissioned alongside the delivery work and the report is now available please contact us for details.

For now we are delighted to share our key achievements and learning with you at Place as follows:

Be Cancer SAFE in Rotherham

From April 2020 Be Cancer SAFE will continue with local funding from Rotherham CCG.  Moving forward, the social movement model will be explored and where appropriate applied to other areas of health improvement beyond the cancer agenda.

Voluntary Action Rotherham employs 3 part-time Project Workers for the Rotherham area.  Contact a member of the team to discuss how you can get involved and bring Be Cancer Safe messages to your group, team or community.

Jo Farey – Project Worker, Email Tel:  01709 834455

Ian Duffy – Project Worker, Email Tel: 01709 726893

Tracy Williams – Project Worker, Email  Tel:  01709 723199

Follow the local Be Cancer Safe team on social media: Facebook and Twitter

Become a Cancer Champion – learn more

Cancer Champions are ordinary people who help to spread awareness about cancer.  They share with others as part of their everyday life simple cancer messages.

Learn more about cancer, cancer screening, signs and symptoms and turn that understanding into action. It’s really easy to do!

Become a Cancer Ambassador – be more

Cancer Ambassadors represent an organisation, group or community.  Ambassadors ‘champion’ Be Cancer Safe messages as part of their existing role.

Ambassadors will be supported by the Project Workers to reach members of their network with key information and to embed cancer messages within the culture of the organisation where appropriate.  In some instances Cancer Ambassadors will be cancer survivors who as part of their journey with cancer choose to share their story with others.

If you are passionate about empowering others to take control of their own health the team would love to hear from you.



Click on the “resources” button at the top of page for access to a number a great PDF flyers and posters. These include easy read documents which are a fantastic resource for those with learning disabilities or for those who have English as a second language.