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Community Achievement Award Winners Announced 2019

The awards, which recognise and celebrate the wide-reaching impact of Rotherham’s Voluntary and Community Sector, were presented at a ceremony on Friday 22nd November at The Carlton Park Hotel.

The awards, organised by Voluntary Action Rotherham on behalf of the Rotherham Together Partnership, showcase the outstanding contribution that the voluntary and community sector make in Rotherham.

In all, there were over 50 nominations for the awards from a variety of community groups, organisations and individuals from across the borough.

The winners are Alana Habergham-Rice, a young volunteer has been raising money for charity since she was 6 years old, Chris Badger and Janet Collinson, who volunteer at Lifewise Centre and Lighthouse Sunday Night Café.

The panel of independent judges consisted of Michael Holmes, Rotherham Together Partnership; Andrew Mosley, Editor at Rotherham Advertiser; and Adrian Dexter, Senior Pastor at Liberty Church.

Janet Wheatley, Chief Executive Voluntary Action Rotherham added “It’s always a very humbling and inspiring evening recognising the efforts of the voluntary and community sector in Rotherham, the projects and work they do and the vital role that volunteers – young and older – play in our town.

All of the nominees are winners, their work, commitment and dedication helps to make Rotherham the great place that it is.”

The 2019 Rotherham Community Achievement Award winners are:

Young Volunteer (Sponsored by Morthyng Group Ltd)

Alana is 12 years old and does not think what she does is special. She has been raising money for charity since she was 6 years old. In 2017, she established Alana’s Caring Cakes where she asks the community to nominate someone who deserves a treat and delivers a beautiful heart shaped cake. This can be to people living alone, in care homes, hospice staff caring for terminally ill patients, litter pickers, anyone who has gone the extra mile or is going through a tough time. Alana has brightened up the lives of so many with her care and kindness by combining cakes and caring and sharing love and compassion with those who most need it. Alana is setting a perfect example to her young school friends.


Toni Keni Paxford and Kion Leeson Beavers

Volunteer (Sponsored by Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber)

Chris and Janet have been volunteering at Lifewise Centre participating in the Crucial Crew programme for a number of years and contribute in excess of 50 hours per week of their own time. Recently Chris and Janet have both become involved in the anti-social behaviour scenarios delivered by PCSO’s. Undertaking Live Action role play around knife crime and hate crime makes the scenarios more realistic and hard-hitting for the young audience and serves to make the messages more memorable. The scenario is delivered 8 times a day during school visits to Crucial Crew and Chris and Janet undertake this role 4 days every week. Their length of service, dedication and commitment to the organisation is legendary.


Ann Barrowcliffe and Sandra Blockley MBE

Project (Sponsored by Ladbrook Insurance)

Lighthouse Sunday Night Café

Every Sunday evening at the Lighthouse in Rotherham town centre, a different church provides a cooked meal for the 30-50 homeless people who attend. The project was started 20 years ago by Churches Together in Rotherham and is still going strong with over 15 churches involved and over 60 volunteers. The volunteers, who come from lots of different churches, provide a friendly smile and welcoming, non-judgemental space for all who are in need. One of the special aspects of this project is the way different churches work together to make it happen. The Sunday Night Café meets a physical need, but also provides a safe and welcoming space. Volunteers engage in conversation with the clients who come along and seek to provide pastoral support and a listening ear.


Mature Millers Association and Sense at Coleridge Road

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