NCS pledge support to charities this summer – expressions of interest open

24th May 2019

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust have signed up to Rotherham Pay it Forward. Their NCS programme pledge free support to local charities this summer and are open to expressions of interest.

NCS is a 4-week youth development programme which can be accessed by all school leavers (15-17 years old). The first 2 weeks of the programme are residential based, this is where the young people will learn and develop new skills in order to help them when they go into the last 2 weeks of the programme, Social Action.

Social Action is a chance for the young people to give something back to the community in what ever way in which they want too. This could be anything from fundraising to renovating a care home’s garden facilities, whatever the young people want to do, they ultimately can do with the help and guidance of our staff team.

This is where they need you, and also can offer support! Throughout the Summer months (July & August) they have a number of groups of up to 15 young people completing their social action projects. They want to know what you need help with!

As part of the NCS process, there needs to be some buy in from the organisation asking for help. Before the young people decide on which project they want to complete, all the organisations that are ‘pitching’ for help will take part in a carousel day, which is where the young people will visit each organisation, learn about what they do and what they need help with, but also what the organisation can do for the young people (resources available etc.) after this process, the young people will then decide on who they want to work with the following week.

To Summarise;

What are they offering?

NCS are offering the help of multiple groups of up to 15 young people in the Summer months (July & August) in order to help complete certain projects.

What do they need?

In order to potentially receive any help, NCS would require the organisation to take part in their charity carousel day, where the young people can determine who they want to work with.

If you require some more information, please contact the Rotherham Pay it Forward team:

To express your charities interest click here.

Please note, pitching at the charity carousel will not guarantee you a group of 15 young people to work with, this is the choice of the young people and if they buy into your cause.