The new Government Civil Society Strategy is out

24th September 2018

The new Government Civil Society Strategy was launched early last month. It’s called Building a Future that Works for everyone and runs to over 120 pages. It identifies “five foundations of social value”: People, Places, the Social Sector (that’s charities and social enterprises), the Private Sector and the Public Sector, with an emphasis on more cross-sector collaboration.

The document has been praised for its positive tone, its vision and its ambition, but criticised for a lack of mechanics and budgets to achieve its aims – it does rely on the rest of Whitehall and local government for delivery of much of what is proposed. But the commitments have been welcomed: to renew the Compact; to make it easier to speak out and campaign; to support greater use of grants, especially for smaller charities; and to promote greater use of the Social Value Act.

There has been much analysis and comment from sector groups: Elizabeth Chamberlain of NCVO wrote a very helpful post on “What you need to know“.

David Ainsworth of Civil Society Media summed up some wider comment with the headline “good ideas, no execution” in his opinion article.