Support and Supervision – Top 10 Tips

Dictionary Definition

Support is defined as: ‘to give aid to, to motivate, to give strength, to encourage.’

Supervision is defined as: ‘to watch over so as to maintain order, directing or overseeing a performance, to ensure that tasks are carried out correctly without mistakes.’ 

1.  Identify what constitutes good Support and Supervision and how best your organisation can provide it.

2.  Establish who in your organisation is responsible for Support and Supervision, is there more than person providing this depending on the volunteers’ role?

3.  Ask yourself why you are providing Support and Support in the first place?  What are the benefits for both the organisation and the volunteer?

4.  When will this Support and Supervision take place?  It is best to schedule in regular Supervision slots with volunteers, preferably on the same day/time.  Will Supervisions take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

5.  How will you conduct the Supervisions? Formally taking notes?  Informal discussion? Roughly how long will the Supervision session take?

6.  Always allow plenty of time when undertaking Supervision sessions and try to avoid booking meetings/appointments just before or shortly after Supervisions (where possible).

7.  Consider what topics will be covered during the Supervision e.g. current tasks, training needs etc.  Try to have regular topics each session.

8.  Consider the environment where the Supervision will take place.  Are you likely to be interrupted? Is it a confidential environment?

9.  Consider what your organization is currently providing in terms of Support and Supervision and how you might improve upon it. You might want to put together a Support and Supervision strategy to look at how your organisation could move forward in re: to Support and Supervision.

10.Consider including brief details about your organisation’s Support and for Supervision  for volunteers within your organisation’s Volunteer Policy.

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