Healthy lives through a lens

10th December 2018

People in the borough are being asked to express how they stay happy, healthy and well in their day-to-day lives through the art form of photography.

Rotherham Council is launching the interactive campaign so that they can understand what matters to residents in terms of their health and wellbeing. The information will be used to design and shape future services and promote the breath of community activities already on offer.

Whether it’s a local voluntary group that keeps you feeling tip top; or a place where you walk the dog or go for a run; or even places where you spend your leisure time, the Council wants to know about it. Residents can send any suggestion in by submitting a photo of them in action along with a short caption.

The Council has a statutory duty to review the health and wellbeing in Rotherham and provide useful information and advice to professionals who design and commission health services. The information is also available to the public who want to find out about activities available to them.

Terri Roche, Director of Public Health at Rotherham Council said:  “We wanted to do things differently this year with the annual public health report and what better way than to get a real life snapshot of how people take care of themselves. What you tell us will make a difference to our work right across the Council whether it’s looking at resources needed to help people to stay happy and well, or more partnership work with community groups that already make a difference to people’s lives. I look forward to seeing people’s submissions.”

Anyone who wants to take part can submit their photos on the Council’s website. The photos will be used in this year’s Director of Public Health report which will be available in Spring 2019 and will form part of a public art exhibition.

Submit your photo here