Grant injects new lease of life into Rotherham African Drummers

30th May 2019

Rotherham African Drummers (RAD) have been awarded a 6 month Organisational Development grant with Awards for All, an exciting time for us, the money will aid the group as we go through a process of change and re-organisation, injecting a new lease of life into both sessions and performances.

Nicky Rogers, says: “We are thrilled that RAD has been given an injection of funding at a vital moment. Our beloved leader, Amy Cawthorn, left us for another post and so we have faced a time of change and challenge. This money helps us to keep the wonderful spirit of RAD going and to develop in new and interesting ways.”

Rotherham African Drummers are a volunteer-led organisation who have been playing in the town for four years. We are well recognised at a huge variety of local events and festivals, as well as performing at larger events like Willowman Festival (2018) and playing in front of a 10,000 strong crowd at a Rotherham United football match. As a result of all this, Voluntary Action Rotherham awarded RAD Rotherham Community Achievement Award 2018.

Based at Westgate Chambers in Rotherham Town Centre, we run weekly drumming sessions at both ROAR Artspace as well as in Thurcroft. These sessions are open and welcoming to all. There is a class for LDD adults at 1-2 pm on Tuesdays, and open sessions from 6pm. The classes include a hugely diverse mixture of people, which include children to people in their late seventies, professional people, adults with autism, LDD, physical impairments and wheelchair users, families, people from the LBGT community and a mixture of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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