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About Us

Voluntary Action Rotherham is the lead body for supporting, developing and promoting the voluntary and community sector in the Rotherham borough. Our core activities and associated projects are a keystone for local community engagement and development.

We are a registered charity (no. 1075995) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 02222190), governed by a Board of Management (Trustees) nominated and elected by its members.

Information and Influence

  • To communicate relevant, high quality, timely information to the VCS

  • To ensure the VCS has a co-ordinated voice to shape policy decisions and practice

  • To support the VCS to network and collaborate and work in partnership

  • To promote the VCS and provide strategic representation and leadership


Strengthen & Support

  • To provide specialist high quality support services to meet VCS needs

  • To support VCS needs for a skilled, professional workforce including volunteering

  • To improve and maximise access to diversified income sources for the VCS

  • To support increased efficiencies, evidence effectiveness of VCS organisations


Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • To ensure we are effectively managed and governed, responsive and accountable to our diverse membership base

  • To maintain our independence, achieve financial sustainability and be innovative in responding to new needs and challenges

  • To demonstrate our effectiveness, value for money and be committed to continuously improving the quality of our work

  • To support and encourage partnership working on behalf of the VCS so that everyone in Rotherham can fulfil their potential

Download our Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022 here.
Download our latest Annual Report here.

Our Aims

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