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I Need Volunteers

Do you need volunteers?  We have a menu of opportunities on our website which is dedicated to volunteering in Rotherham. In the volunteering section here, VCS groups can advertise and manage their volunteer roles and it is completely free to register. 

Click here to register today

Volunteer Management – Good Practice Support

We can help VCS groups with the following volunteer management support needs:

  • Advertising/ volunteer recruitment - Developing adverts, posting adverts to our website, help with using your online account.  

  • Training – We deliver a range of free training courses throughout the year all related to volunteer management, but we also offer bespoke training packages for a small charge*. 

  • General good practice support including; policies, procedures and documents.

  • Outreach/ short talks and events - we can deliver a one hour short talk at community groups, events and as part of college lessons.   We often have a stand at employability events and careers fairs.  

  • ESV (Employer Supported Volunteering) – We can connect private firms who want to release their staff to volunteer with VCS organisations who need support.   Please contact us for our latest ESV brochure – packed full of local projects that need support.  

You can find out more about the Rotherham Volunteer award by clicking here.

Rotherham Volunteer Coordinators Network 

If you are interested in joining Rotherham Coordinators Network, please get in touch.  The network brings together a range of VCS organisations, small and large, to network and share good practice in re: to volunteer management.

If you want to find out more or get in touch about any of the above please contact Kerry our Volunteer and Group Support Manger on 07716 919416 or email her

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