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Exercise Specialist Programmes for Mental Health and Carers
Nov 20, 2023

Please see below two exciting, fully funded programmes:  (Self-referrals are accepted for people with no long-term health conditions, otherwise it is a health care professional referral using the form attached).

Our NEW ‘FIT TO CARE’ project is fully funded by RMBC and includes a FREE 12-week exercise programme.  The project supports both full time and part time carers and is specifically designed to support both physical and mental resilience.  Our Level 4 exercise specialists will create a person-centred environment where people can start, stay, and succeed on their physical activity journey.       Through our weekly sessions we will look to build physical strength and overall fitness so that carers can continue to perform their caring roles to their best ability.  Each session will include 1hr exercise and 30 minutes social time which will provide carers with some much-needed respite in the company of other carers. Our programme starts Monday 20th November at 10am and booking is essential!

Our ‘FEEL GOOD’ Mental Health and Wellbeing programme offers a warm healthy space for people to socialise, exercise and start working towards a more physical active lifestyle.  Our exercise specialists will be on hand to create a welcoming, non-structured environment where people can exercise, get involved in active play ie, darts, table tennis, Boccia, Kurling and socialise over a cuppa with some healthy snacks.  This inclusive environment will support people low in mood, struggling with stress, anxiety and/or experiencing episodes of depression.  Exercise is the no.1 treatment for poor mental health and when delivered as a group activity it can be as effective as both medication and CBT together. Our Feel Good programme runs 2.30 – 4pm every Thursday, booking is essential!

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